Friday, September 24, 2010

Gift Cards

As the result of a recent whirlwind card making weekend, I've got a great supply of blank-on-the-inside cards for every occasion. The new Michaels that has opened along my bus route may have something to do with a sudden increase in rubber stamps, paper and other card making supplies lying around the house. . . 

As a birthday gift for my sister, I gathered a few of the cards into a set and tied them together with some ribbon and a card indicating what the selection contained.  Of course remembering to include the appropriate number of envelopes!
 These "wild card" gift packs don't have to be cards you made yourself - maybe you spend a chunk of time in the greeting card aisle and buy a smattering of birthday, thank you, good luck and more to make a grab bag for someone to use so they aren't scrambling the next time they have an occasion come up. Of course, if they start giving you the cards for your birthday you might have to question it!

I remember when a cute card shop was going out of business in Madison I bought up a ton of 50-75% off  cards and used them over the next couple years - something to look out for in your neighborhood!

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