Wednesday, September 29, 2010

October Days - Introduction

Fall is upon us once again! What are you doing to prepare - pulling the sweaters out of storage? Putting the kibosh on air conditioning for the rest of the year? Parking the convertible back in the garage?

I've got big plans for the next couple months that will be detailed here including:
Decorating - Get inspired by last year's decor at my house and my sister's house. I'm working on plans to change up the display while still using the same decorations. Stay tuned - the totes are coming out of storage this weekend!
Martha Stewart Challenge - I'm going to pick 3-4 projects from the vast photo gallery on the Martha Web site and see how they translate when real people try them out!
Hot Chocolate - 5K that is. I've started training for my first run and what better reward than a chocolate fondue fountain and as much Ghirardelli as I can eat? 
Pie Month - Originally September was going to be Pie Month but being out of town every weekend put a damper on those plans. Instead, I'll focus energies in October on making at least 4 pies. From scratch. I actually have not made a pie before, unless you count quiche! Look forward to lemon meringue (have to redeem myself after a disastrous first attempt that I burned), apple (straight from AppleFest), the perfect pumpkin ('tis the season) and a TBD variety.
Harvest Party - Looking to repeat last year's squash, pear and pumpkin filled dinner party and game night!

I've already made the first batch of Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies of the season - and bought 3 cans of Pumpkin in case there is another shortage like last year!


  1. Yes! I am with you on making October Pie Month and I've been craving some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Maybe this weekend, although temps are still in the 80s here, so it's hard to get in the Fall spirit. Good luck with all your projects!

  2. never fear, there is no pumpkin shortage this year!! news straight from my home town of morton, il:,0,2697794.story

    enjoy your pumpkin flavored dishes!!

    p.s. made your pumpkin cookies last year and they were delicious! might have to make me a batch after i make my pumpkin bars! (let me know if you want the recipe - they're yummy!)