Monday, September 27, 2010

Wedding Shower Games

Next month I will have the pleasure of seeing one of my closest friends walk down the aisle! This has also given me the opportunity to head to Wisconsin a couple times this month for celebrations including a recent wedding shower for the bride to be!

The maid of honor had picked up 3 prizes for game winners - target gift cards with little extras like Halloween-themed kitchen towels or fall-inspired lotions. I offered to help out in determining what those winning-opportunity activities would be.

How Many Kisses?
I tweaked the "guess the number of m&ms in the baby bottle" game that I had organized for my sister's baby shower last year by filling a gorgeous apothecary jar with silver Hershey's Kisses. The closest guess won a prize. And guesses were all over the board - someone put only 100, someone else put 1000! (correct answer: 473). 
Since the idea of bringing almost 500 chocolate candies home with me sounded like a binge-sure-to-regret, I picked up a 50-pack of favor bags from the wedding supplies aisle at Michaels and filled them up after the winner was revealed. Everyone was encouraged to take 1, 2, 3 or more so I wouldn't have to bring too back with me (as it is I still have a whole bag unopened at home!).
I will admit this gave me the excuse to buy the apothecary jar I've been eyeing for awhile at Michaels. . . .can't wait to share what decorating ideas I have for it come Halloween!

By quizzing the bride to be on courtship details or her and her groom, I wrote out the story of their relationship with a dozen or so blank spaces. Channeling the MadLibs we all filled out during childhood, the word category was then placed underneath the space for added direction. I tried to get a good mix of questions - her family members would surely know the bride's middle name, but would they remember where the groom went to college?
 To keep things casual, these were passed out with instructions while everyone was eating to fill out at their leisure until we gathered around for gifts a half hour later. The story was read aloud, with answer help from the bride and the winner was determined by whomever had the most right answers.

Message Me
When trying to come up with a third game, I thought back to a gift we bridesmaids put together for a friend of mine who got married a few years ago. We picked up a jewelry box with lots of little compartments and filled them with notes from us, other friends and the women in her family. Notes about how much she meant to us or messages with advice and well wishes for her marriage. I decided the third game wouldn't be a game at all, but a chance for everyone to write a favorite memory or message to the bride and have her draw one out as the winner of the last prize. The best part is that she could keep all the messages and read through them after the shower.
As you can tell, I like the types of games that are subtle and unobtrusive, not requiring everyone to gather 'round and wrap the bride in toilet paper or make paper plate bouquets. Of course, these types of activities are for some people and I say more power to you!

A few tips when planning games and activities like these:
- Be sure to have enough pens on hand for everyone.
- Make clear instructions to prop up in the activity station so you don't have be hovering near it explaining the purpose to each guest individually.
- Grab a bowl to throw the filled out guesses/memories into to keep the area clean.
- Add "Name: ________" to the slips of paper - I had a couple people guess the number of Kisses and almost forget to add their name so we knew whose guess it was!

And so I'll leave this post with a couple questions for you: what was the best wedding shower activity you experienced? What was the best door prize offered?


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