Thursday, October 21, 2010

It Has Got to Go

Last weekend's balcony clean up included digging up the flowers, breaking down the dying tomato plants and stacking up the now empty planters in the corner. 

Our eyes fell upon our outdoor table that was never meant for the outdoors. It was Bob's wooden TV stand at his old place, I believe he found it on the side of the road so obviously there was a lot of sentimentality there. I didn't think it would make the move but it actually worked pretty well as a table to store some of our herbs and other gardening supplies on the bottom shelf. Sure, it had seen better days, but it fit our needs.
However, after a year and a half on our balcony and countless rain and snow storms to contend with, this little table has taken the distressed look a bit too far. 
Poor little guy. . .get thee to a dumpster!
What we will do next summer for a corner table on our balcony remains to be seen, but perhaps this time around we will actually buy a table that is meant to withstand the elements!

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