Monday, October 11, 2010

October Days - Apple Fest '10

Third year in a row for a trek to Long Grove, Illinois - an idyllic little Chicago suburb - for Apple Fest! I wrote about our experiences at Strawberry Fest a few months back. Apple Fest is basically the same event times 50. The place was packed, a mad scramble for the best apples, a fight to the finish for the Galena Stand's salsas and mustard and a line around the block (literally) for the Donuts and Pies from the Apple Haus.
We went in with a plan and split up to make the most of it. Of course, we couldn't beat the announcement that they had sold out of large pies. It probably didn't help that we went only a couple hours before closing on the last day.
Success! Our bags are filled up with apple cider jugs, mini-pies and apple cider donuts. Bob also had a specialty caramel apple impulse buy - white chocolate rolled in cinnamon over a tart green apple. Wow. 
Mmmm. . .Donuts.
 Onto the Galena Canning Company tent for some salad dressing and hot mustard. The samples all the way around the stand beckon you to try everything.
There also has to be a stop at the Mill Pond shops for some new Halloween Decorations. Each year my sister and I pick up one or two to add to our respective collections. The new witch works great with the little friends I already have displayed! If you are wondering why we have a headless ghost, let's just say my sister's dog dug through some layers of tissue paper to attack last year's purchase. You can buy heads as ornaments which worked out great for a replacement, but I failed to re-attach to the coil spring sticking out of his neck. Luckily, the spooky headless quality sort of works in our favor when it comes to Halloween decorating.
Then we have to head to what we're all here for. . .the apples! My "Pie Month" goal isn't going to happen all on its own - time to pick up some supplies. We split a peck (as many as you can fit in the bag) and my sister got another dozen or so for some homemade applesauce. So easy with a food processor!
I also picked up a half dozen gourds for $2 to create a fall centerpiece.
We really were in and out this year - the throngs of people in the crowd and the late hour we made it to the fest didn't allow us to stay long. Next year maybe we'll plan better, but if this event gets any bigger we might find ourselves in the Apple Pie line the entire day!

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