Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October Days - Martha Challenge Part 1

When it comes to holiday inspiration, you've got to hand it to Ms. Martha. I've cribbed many an idea from her web site and magazine over the years. I decided to try a craft challenge by picking at least three of her Halloween projects and trying them out to see how well they work in the real world.

I kicked things off this weekend with her "Glittered Pumpkin" project.

Picking up a perfectly shaped small pumpkin, I got out the supplies: orange hued glitter I already owned and my Martha Stewart brand Glitter Glue with applicator brush.
Using a plastic plate to catch the excess glitter, I applied glue to half the pumpkin and poured glitter to coat, shaking off the excess..
After only a few minutes the project came to a close. So easy! The original instructions say to paint the stem a dark brown to keep it longer, but I didn't see the need. I want to do another one, but the only other glitter color I have is turquoise and am not sure how that would end up looking!

Here you can see that I propped the glitter-ized pumpkin up on one of our black candlesticks in my pumpkin patch scene.
And a close up view. . . (psst. wanna see how I made that mirror? Check out this post.)
Stay tuned for the next project - accomplished on a Monday off that I spent watching Gilmore Girls and making zucchini bread. Don't you love fall? 

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  1. I LOVE the look of glitterd pumpkins, but I'm a glitterphobe because it gets on everything. Will you make some for me so I can avoid the actual applying glitter part? ;-)