Wednesday, October 27, 2010

October Days: Martha Challenge Part 2

After the easy-peasy Glittered Pumpkin project, I thought I'd take on another Martha Stewart Challenge. This time I saved a couple jars from the recycle bin and made glass jack-o-lanterns. Check out her version in her Halloween Crafts slideshow here. 
The instructions called for oil-based paint and I only had my acrylic paints, so I'm not sure if I could have made the painting process easier on myself, but it took about a hundred coats (slight exaggeration) to get the paint to stick to the inside of the jars and not be too streaky. Soon enough though, an opaque look started to form and the once transparent jars were now an autumnal orange.
Applying masking tape or even address labels to one side of the jar, I used a pencil to draw a face and an x-acto knife to slice out the shapes. Black paint covered the areas and once dried the sticky tape or label was peeled off revealing a little black pumpkin face.
I had the grand idea to use the bigger jar as a vase and it wasn't until I already had it filled with water that I realized I hadn't quite thought through it. Since the paint was on the inside, the water started to deteriorate its hold on the glass and warped the look. Lesson learned.

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