Friday, October 8, 2010

October Days - Mirror Images

As a continuation of my Halloween Decorating posts, I thought I would share how I turned a $5 Target mirror into a spooky backdrop for one of my display areas.

I got the idea after picking up some Pumpkin Transfers from Martha Stewart's Halloween line at Jo-Ann Fabrics. I bought the set of bats and bugs thinking that they were silhouette stickers, later realizing that they were meant to tattoo onto pumpkins. For some reason I don't believe they would work as cleanly as they seemed to on the label, so I tried to come up with a different way to use them. Another one of her products featured silhouetted vampires on vintage mirrors so I thought I would combine the two ideas.
I had the grand plan all set: I would find a bushel full of distressed, vintage mirrors at only a $1 a pop, paint them black and fill the mirrors up with bats. Alas, my trips to the thrift store came up empty - a whole lotta crappy picture frames and a couple unusable 2" mirrors. A trip to Target though, turned my frown upside down. For $5, I picked up a good size square mirror.

Gratuitous ceiling shot!
Next step was painting it - our regular orange was a bit too day-glo, a bit too cartoonish, so I went with red-orange. Covering the glass with newspaper to protect it only worked somewhat - luckily taking a knife to the mirror after the paint dries scrapes it right off.
Using glue dots, I attached the silhouetted bats and moon, added with a Haunted House die cut I picked up at a scrapbooking store. At first I didn't like that the bats had a white outline, but after getting them affixed I have to admit it really makes them pop out. Something else that pops out in this photo? The white inside edges of the mirror I neglected to paint! I swear it doesn't look that horrible in real life, but it does make me see I might need a touch up.
Instead of punching holes in the wall by nailing the mirror up, I used Command strips instead. So far so good, but you'll have to wait until the next decorating post to see how the whole pumpkin patch scene plays out. . .oh dear, I've said too much already. . .

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