Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On the Run - Progress Report

I'm a few weeks into my running program, using the Couch to 5K program a friend turned me onto. This is in anticipation of the Hot Chocolate 5K on November 6.

The 10 week program is actually the perfect fit to train me in September and October. I will admit I'm a little over a week behind due to an overly busy schedule that didn't allow post-work runs before it got too dark outside. "Why don't you just run in the morning" you say? That does make sense. . . you'd think by now I would be an early bird, giving myself plenty of time to get ready in the morning, but alas I am one of those who will sleep until the last possible second, rushing around the house to get to work by 9. I hold out the hope that one day I will wake up before 7, take a leisurely run, head back for a shower and an actual sit down breakfast, but I just don't see that happening anytime soon.

So far so good on the training. Although it might not sound like much, I have made it to running for 3 minutes straight and repeating that cycle. This week I move up to 5 minutes, and then its a quick jump to 8 and suddenly 20! The great news is that it really does get easier with every run around the neighborhood, making me feel confident in the idea that I'll be able to do the 5K next month (I'm sure there will be a bit of walking involved.) I've also gained a bit of muscle over the past month that is helping me get to a target weight, very exciting. Although I think Bob is getting annoyed at me always flexing my biceps saying how impressive I am (when I really am not at all).

So how am I tracking my time while running? This is going to make you laugh and show what a rookie runner I am. While my brother-in-law showed off his awesome Nike + iPod Nano with the ability to say over the song you are listening to how much time you have left and for your stats to upload directly to a tracking web page, I've been working with a kitchen timer. Yes, a Pampered Chef Kitchen Timer. It actually has worked very well, as it clips on my hip and counts down the minutes I have to run before a walking break. However, I'm not sure how much longer this is going to work for me since I haven't been able to track how far I've been running with it. Time for a pedometer. . .

If you are looking for a motivating tracker for your own workouts, check out the following: - Get ideas for customized programs and take care of your nutrition and exercise needs all in one site. - Fully integrated with your twitter and facebook for the social media guru on the go. - For the more adventurous to blaze new trails. This brought back a memory of a college friend's proposal story mapping his run using his watch and the Garmin Connect web site to spell out "Marry Me" in his run path. Check out his story here (and stay on the blog for his amazing photography!)

The 5K goal is a great one to have, knowing that it is coming up sooner than later is helping keep me to an exercise routine. Now if I can just fight off this impending cold I can feel building up inside me so that I don't miss too many. . .bring on the Emergen-C!


  1. nice work, lydia!

    i'm halfway through reading Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. i am not a hard core runner by any means, but this book has given me a lot more motivation and painted running into a much more natural and fun sport. might be worth a glance for you! :)

  2. Thank Nanc - I remember you mentioning that book, it has been added to my list!