Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's in the Details

I had to share photos from one of my best friend's wedding I was just in. I fell in love with the details at the reception. The best part was that as soon as you walked in you could see her personality shine in every element. And aren't those the best kind of weddings?

The airy reception hall streamed light in off of Lake Geneva from the surrounding windows. The head table for the wedding party stood out under a paper lantern ceiling.
Jewel tones throughout, from the dark purples in the flowers to the greens and blues of the collected vases highlighting florals at each of the tables. Bride and Mom spent the past year finding vintage looking vases of every size and color to fill up the tables.
Table Numbers were indicated by Beatles Songs. Appropriate for the bride who walked down the aisle to a gorgeous rendition of Across the Universe. Flames not allowed, the candles are illuminated fakes. The paper candle holders are from an Etsy shop called ilLUMIEnate. Etsy was also utilized for some chair decor courtesy of PomLove.
Mmm. . .look at that cake. The dessert featured a spice cake with pumpkin and white chocolate buttercream filling. The other was a lavender cake with raspberry and buttercream fillings. Decadent.

PS. See that Jazz Trio in the background? One of the bridesmaids and her husband organized all of the music for the day including some soft jazz during cocktails dinner before the DJ kicked in. Don't you just love talented friends?
As the evening set in, the lanterns above us lit up.
And, although I did not get a photo of them, guests were treated to a thank you gift of caramel corn packages, homemade by the bride's aunt. Literally, the best caramel corn I have ever eaten. A public request for the recipe, Aunt Sylvia?? Or was this a secret family recipe?

It was so wonderful to be a part of this day!

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  1. I really enjoyed your blog.Especially the wedding and recipes. "Aunt Sylvia" is willing to share carmel corn recipe if you really want it. ALso a really great carmel pumpkin pie that is really fast and easy.