Sunday, November 7, 2010

Refreshment Break

After a year and a half, our IKEA outdoor table and the four chairs we bought from a restaurant supply site online were getting a bit worn out. The color of the wood was fading fast so Bob broke out the staining supplies last weekend and we had an instant refresh on our hands. After mucho sanding and just one coat of Home Depot-purchased wood stain we were back in business.
The photos probably don't look as impressive - you could just as easily think that there was a shadow over the chair on the right causing it to look darker - but trust me, the difference is a noticeable improvement!
Speaking of a refresh, I finally got around to updating the page links at the top of this blog this weekend. Look to the archives for lotsa recipes, DIY projects and holiday fun. Be sure to hit the links if you have some time or are looking for something specific!

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