Friday, December 17, 2010

Holding all the Cards

I have been looking for it for a couple years now - the perfect holiday card holder to display on the wall. I knew what it looked like in my head. And I also found it at Pottery Barn eventually. However, I was not willing to spend $70 on my glorified display model (although as I'm pulling this photo I see it is on sale for $50). And so the search continued.
A couple weeks ago, Pier 1 gave me the answer. An extra tall scroll photo holder - could this be the perfect fit for our odd little portrait display area that has remained empty since we moved in? And for only $10? Get out of town.

I was up in Milwaukee at the time so I couldn't take the plunge and buy until I got a measurement of how tall our portrait area actually was.  The holder is 49.5" tall. Our space is 50". Nice.

A few days later I convinced Bob to drive me to the nearest Pier 1 and I looked all over the store - alas, no scroll photo holder. Did I miss my chance? I had the salesperson look it up and it showed they had about 13 somewhere in the store. I usually don't like to cause a fuss, but I was more than happy this time around when they went in the back and dug through boxes until they found their additional stock. Let me repeat, just $10!

Here she is up on the wall. Some of the photo cards we receive in the mail are ultra-thin, so I may end up  fortifying the cards with some extra paper behind them. So far so good - it is filling up quickly as our first set of Christmas cards made their way to us this past week or two!
What I like about this choice as opposed to the PB stars is that we can use this for other holiday displays or even non-holiday displays like a series of black and whites, all the same color family or maybe just a hundred or so photos of my adorable niece. I'm sure that I'll have quite a few after this holiday season capturing Ella's second Christmas (but first one that she'll be an active participant in!)

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