Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holly Days - Hurricanes Three Ways

I am a big fan of the glass jar. Hurricanes can hold much more than candles, apothecary jars can fit any occasion and fishbowls are good for both decor and a drink at parties. Okay, so that last one is more reminiscent of my time at Madison, but you get the gist.

In preparing for the holidays this year, I decided that I wanted to feature vastly different scenes in the three main hurricanes/glass jars I have.

First up, is our centerpiece for the dining table. Click here to see most of its past incarnations from fall, winter, spring and more. This year we went with a woodsy vibe for the centerpiece. On top of green placemats, I stacked the wood pieces that were leftover from trimming down the trunk of our Christmas tree. In my head I thought they would make good candle holders or coasters. Still developing ideas beyond just sitting them on the placemat. My go-to Green Glittery Candle that I've had for a few years sits amongst the shavings from when the chainsaw attacked the trunk of my tree. I threw in a tiny branch of needles and some thistles left over from a flower arrangement at my friend's fall wedding. I  am naturally averse to lighting candles for fear of burning the house down which works well because this one is probably a fire hazard.
I took the next hurricane's inspiration from a display at Crate & Barrel so I can't take all the credit. I stuck a candy cane striped candle and surrounded it with cranberries and popcorn. The simple bow at the base is the ribbon from my bridesmaid bouquet. I tried to dry the bouquet but it got a bit flattened so I used what I could from it! I'm keeping an eye on this one to see how quickly the popcorn browns and the cranberries shrivel. Although we used to make popcorn and cranberry strands all the time when we were young and I don't recall having that problem.
Last but not least is the addition to my "Snow Man" scene atop the wine cabinet. I filled this glass bowl with blue and silver beading around a thick white candle. The same white candle that just last month had creepy crawly bugs glued all over it for the specimen table display! Such versatility, this one! The rest of the display features our standard pillar candle holders with snowmen and snowflake candle featured. I have a tiny little glass snowman that I had to show off, so to make the size difference a little less jarring I stuck him in a juice glass.  I stole an idea from my sister and framed a magazine page from last year's Martha Stewart holiday issue. Capped off with a decorative bright blue sign I would say this little scene is just about perfect!
My apothecary jar featured in the last post is filled with blue and silver balls. I'm busy looking around the house to see if I can find any more transparant houses to fill up!

Oh wait, there's one now! I think one of my new favorite things is taking plastic clear containers from ornaments, stamps and what have you and repurposing it for the time that they aren't being used to store said item. I filled this clear box that stores the tiny ball ornaments you can now find in that apothecary jar with the now displaced yellow rocks from the dining table centerpiece. I topped them with a few wine corks from our collection. Nice!

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