Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holly Days: Tag, You're It

When I bring my material for projects over to my sister's house, we instantly double the amount of choices we have to make pretty things. She has a great selection of Christmas and holiday rubber stamps and paper. I wrote about the square hole punch decor I made already. We also broke out some manila tags I had picked up awhile back and got to work on making gift tags for the Christmas presents we'd be doling out to the family in the next week.
I stuck with with the red family to match the red wrapping paper, tissue and ribbon I was focused on for a wrapping paper theme this year. The "To/From" goes on the back of each.
My sister's were a bit more eclectic. I love that snowman stamp of hers. I used the little snowflake cut-outs from her border punch for one of my tags above - one little glue dot on the back does the trick.
We ran out of tags before I ran out of gifts that needed tags, so I bought another pack at Michael's the next day. However, they did not have the manila ones in stock so I had to settle for white. No matter.

Again, sticking with the red theme, I thought of a few more ways to make each one unique including using a sponge to get the red ink to cover the tag in a sort of pattern.
 Here's one on a finished product. Stay tuned for a post about the red, red, red wrapping paper theme this year!

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