Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Jolly Rancher Fail

A day after our epic Gingerbread House Decorating, Kari and I tried our hand at a Better Homes and Garden holiday project. We had lots of Jolly Ranchers left over - our plans to melt some down into surfboards did not come to fruition, but we still wanted to do something with them.

The advertised project seemed easy enough. Crush up jolly ranchers. Fill cookie cutters. Bake. Punch out. Attach a hook. Hang on tree as a beautiful, albeit a bit sticky, ornament.
Crushing the candies wasn't the issue - we used the Magic Bullet the year before and it worked like a charm.
The instructions said to "grease the cookie cutters or cover with foil." We couldn't quite figure out exactly what they meant by the foil comment (around every edge or just over the top?) so we applied a spritz of cooking spray with a shrug.
We did not quite fill up the snowflake shaped cutters halfway, maybe that was our first mistake. 7 minutes in the oven. The melting candy escaped the confines of the cutter. - was it a cheaply made cookie cutter that wasn't completely level or was this inevitable?
I thought they needed time to cool before we tried to punch them out, but that just hardened the candy to the cookie cutter making it nearly impossible to break them out without breaking off a snowflake node in the process.

And here we are: Greasy, sharp, super thin, blue snowflake-y things. Lovely.
There must be a way to get these to actually work. I think you need perfect timing on when to get them out of the cutter though. On our second "batch" we filled them up higher which resulted in a better thickness, but they got a bit misshapen when I impatiently punched them out.

I'm happy to get schooled in any successful attempts at melted jolly rancher ornaments! Anyone? Anyone?

PS. You are going to see a more frequent posting schedule the rest of this month - my busy weeks in early December pushed back a few posts that I wanted to still get in around the holidays! Hurrah!

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  1. They look better in pictures than thy did in person :) Kari