Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holly Days: Red Red Red

This year's wrapping paper theme focused on one shade. I had done "The Blues" a few years ago and it makes things pretty easy in the buying department - if the color doesn't fit, just put it back on the shelf.

I picked up the paper from Target, and have to say I think I might move on to other options next year. A couple of the rolls had the thin paper that rips all to easily - the challenge of getting the rolls that have enough paper to wrap more than just a few gifts. I had also bought some glittery red paper that, while thicker, made the tape difficult to stick because of all the glitter.
 Gotta add some tissue paper. . .
The definition of not helping. When he got up, Sonny was covered in red glitter. A foreshadowing of gift opening to come.
The ribbon doesn't last too long, so I had to get creative with a few things. When I had a piece that wouldn't be long enough for a gift, I tied it into a bow and taped it to the box. I eventually brought out some red fabric I had and cut it into strips to use. You can also see how the tags I wrote about in a previous post got attached. The one highlighted below is a vintage-y postcard I cut to the shape of the tags and punched a hole in.
Another close up.
All getting set to be added under my sister's tree with the rest of my family's gifts. A couple cool papers to share: the Paisley design is from Pier 1. I think I might be checking them out come next season!
Of course, no cuter present than my niece Ella - one of the ways I used to haul my gifts to the 'burbs was in a giant bag from last year - we couldn't pass up standing her up in it for a photo op once it was emptied out!
Hope you got everything you wanted underneath the tree this year!

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