Sunday, January 23, 2011

"I Could Make That" - DIY Frame + Art

In this post I shared some of the canvas art Bob had been working on. I'm happy to say we finally have it up on the wall! The process took a little extra time because he wanted to create a custom frame for the canvas. Here's how we (and by that I mean he) did it:

We picked up a few 1"x4"s of wood from Home Depot that would fit around the rectangular canvas to create an extra thick frame.  Our kitchen counter does double duty as a workshop in a pinch.
Bob then took the saw to it in the right measurements.
Oh wait, did I say the right measurements??
Take Two:
To get the canvas to fit snugly into the frame, he added two pieces to the back of the canvas using wood glue. This allows the painting to sit slightly back in the frame as opposed to jutting out of it.
Next up, the wood frame was glued together with wood glue and left to set before attacking it with white spray paint.
Because the frame is so deep, this took some extra long nails hammered into the wall to get it to hold - pretty intimidating. We are so happy to finally have something in the space above the media shelves! Thanks Bob!
Partially hidden from view by our extra large holiday poinsetta that is still kicking (out of the reach from our curious kitties of course!). If you are wondering what I am using as a potholder for the plant, it is a silicon pie pan. Wonder if you can find that one in a Real Simple "creative uses for every day items" article?


  1. Nicely done B.O.B. I am very impressed you were able to keep it square using a hack saw. Very impressive.

  2. I'm going to make one soon so thanks for the tutorial.

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