Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Times, They are a Changin'

. . .and with the end of the holidays comes the inevitable take down of all holiday decorations. A big accomplishment for the weekend, somehow fitting everything I already had into the same two oversized plastic totes. And making room for all of the new things I've acquired by adding one more box to the equation.

Sunday night, and our tree is still up - losing needles by the pound and void of decorations. We just couldn't bring ourselves to the errand of taking the tree out this weekend. It better be soon though. I need to do some research on the tree recycling places in and around Chicago where they stand ready with the wood chippers. My city guilt has gotten to me after a few too many years of discarding the ole tannenbaum in the dumpster out back.

One piece of decor stayed up but we pulled a switcheroo to keep it useful. I wrote about our Christmas card holder I found for $10 at Pier 1 earlier this season. Since it's scroll design doesn't call to mind one particular holiday (as a snowflake or even star shaped card holder might), we are keeping it up for an ever-changing display.
PS. This photo was taken earlier in the season - we did get quite a few more cards so it didn't look quite so empty!
Call me crazy, but I keep just about every card I receive. I like to think I'll cut some up and use designs and phrases for my own cards. Most of the time though, I can't bear to cut up something that has any kind of personal message in it so the card pile is accumulating quite rapidly. Looking naturally at what holiday is coming around the corner, I sorted through and picked out cards featuring reds, pinks, flowers and more to create a Valentine's Day card holder. Even leaving room for a couple dear Valentine's we'll receive new this year!
You can also think of this as a good reminder to both myself and Bob of the holiday that is coming up in February and to stay sweet to each other!

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