Monday, February 7, 2011

Mixed Media Movie Mod Podge

One of my goals for the year was to "mod podge" something. It had been at least a year since I had purchased a container of the sealing craft glue and had yet to find a project for the stuff. I started thinking about a mixed media project, something I have no experience in, after reading an article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors Magazine. The artist, Dae Rebeck, had created a series called "Our Ladies of Perpetual Debt." Painted images of women were halo-ed by shredded credit cards, dollar signs covered their skin. I thought these were great images and it got me thinking how I could use canvas and paint myself.

Struck by inspiration (actually just checking out the contents of a shoebox shoved under my bed), I found a magnetic poetry kit of movie quotes I had up on my fridge in my old apartment. My current stainless steel does not allow for such coverage so under the bed they went. I decided to mix up some of the movie quotes and create some mash ups - like a true Glee fan.
I bought four 5x7 canvases from Michaels (using a 20% off entire purchase coupon) and a few embellishments that could work for some of the scenes I was looking to create. I have to give a shout out to this new line called "Industrial Chic." Such random stuff, but all very cool and hard to choose only a couple to buy!
First up, combining Gone with the Wind with Planet of the Apes (Gone with the Apes?). Printing out the iconic movie poster artwork to scale for the canvas was an easy start - all I use special is photo paper and color ink. I wasn't happy with any of the images I was finding from Apes except for the statue of liberty. By searching for "toys" I stumbled onto a few images of head to toe apes. The fact that they are plastic toys and not the real actors I think adds to the surrealism of the piece. I painted the background of the canvas brown and glued all of the layers, including the magnet quote, with a dose of mod podge on the backsides. Brushing more mod podge over the top and letting it dry added some texture to the piece and also ensures that the photos aren't going anywhere.
Next up, Scarface meets Jaws (Jawface?). Ths time around the canvas got a blue background and we find Tony Montana hanging out with a fun-loving family on their pontoon boat. Unfortunately for them, a great white shark is also in the mix - I took a cue from my Planet of the Apes find and printed out a toy version of Jaws. PS. I like thinking about what scene would have been created if I had used the opposite version of the quote, "You're gonna need my little friend!"
Can I still call these mixed media if I only paint the background and not over the photos? I'm not sure the hard and fast rules. Either way, I'm loving how these are turning out. I have two more in mind right off the bat that I'll slowly but surely finish up along with a larger scale "Wizard of Oz" scene. Stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the great idea! I'm gonna try combining my fav sci-fi movies with my favorite romance films...Should be fun!