Friday, February 18, 2011

A Travel Tip That Might Only Apply to Me

Just back from a quick work trip to Sunny Las Vegas and I realized something very important: I have discovered my perfect formula for going through the security line!

The order of what you put through that conveyer belt might not seem that important in the long run, but when you are like me and hate getting rushed to put your sweater and shoes back on in front of a crowd, you want to get out of there as quickly as possible.

And so, my new procedure will be:
First, the laptop bag
Second, the laptop in its own tray, per the rules
Third, a tray holding my sweater/coat/scarf, bag o' liquids, shoes and boarding pass/license that I just used to get into line.
And bringing up the rear - my carry on bag.

When I successfully pass through the scanners, I can open up the laptop bag and work to shove in the computer which is just the slightest bit bigger than the pocket the bag holds.

While the bag is open I can throw my ziplock of liquids back in, slip on my shoes, and put my boarding pass and license away. As the roller bag comes down the pike I can grab it in one hand, my jacket and sweater in the other hand and be on my way.

A simple formula. To be honest, one barely worth writing about. But looking ahead to the monthly flights I have coming up over the next half year I'm looking forward to getting through that security line just a tad quicker. Now, if I get picked for a random search and pat down (which has happened) or go completely blank and forget I have a bottle of wine, jar of salsa and a travel sized bottle of vodka in my carry on (which has happened), well, that's a whole other story. . .

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