Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Day, Another Purge

Every weekend I've been trying to find one area of the house to "get real" about: if I haven't touched it in the 2 years we lived here, chances are I'm not going to need it. Purging my possessions little by little.

This past weekend I got inspired after a much overdue master bathroom cleaning. Check out the hot mess under my sink. Yikes, indeed.
Beginneth the Purge. Things I learned in the process:
- I really am never going to learn how to use curlers. It's time to give up that dream.
- Sunburn Relief ointment eventually expires.
- That zebra print headband probably wasn't a good idea.
Ahh, that's better. I considered ditching my little wicker basket, but it fits under here so perfectly. Who knows what uses we'll find for this little guy at the next place.
 Endeth the Purge. Until the next round. What will it be? The kitchen cabinets? The guest bathroom linen closet? What about under our bed. Not sure what is going on down there. . .

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