Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Mixed Media Movie Mod Podge

I'm on a roll! After creating two mini-canvas creations a couple weeks ago, I got productive once again and finished the job. I now have a quadrant of horizontal canvases ready to display in the home theater area. . .

Although "Gone with the Apes" is my favorite, this one that combines some ominous Star Wars baddies looking on to poor Hanks and crew is a close second. This one used an image from Apollo 13and a wide shot of the Death Star printed out from my home computer on glossy photo paper, a Darth Vader postcard, a sticker from a Michael's purchased "planets" collection and, of course, a magnetic movie quote.
Last but not least, another violent one - sort of interesting that all four of these have weapons featured. Yikes! I kept this one pretty simple: "Go ahead, make a Royale with Cheese" combining Dirty Harry and Pulp Fiction (not sure I like the sound of "Dirty Fiction"!)
Here's the foursome all together. Check out the first post for more detail on how these were created.

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