Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Change of Seasons

Our card display on our hallway wall once again has transformed based on the time of year.

You've seen it like this: (man, some regrets over not getting a more full photo of this later in the holiday season. It looks like we have no friends!)
and you've seen this:
Now, our $10 card display rod from Pier 1 is going the extra mile by offering us a look ahead to spring! We got teased with it last week and then suddenly we found ourselves with another chilly night and frosty morning! Definitely ready for this to be over. . .
You might remember some of these cards and tags from a marathon Easter card making session my Aunt and I had last year. Some of the florals from the Valentine's Day spread were allowed to stay, the rest of the display filled in with sweet flowers and whimsical colors. I even found a french postcard in the files that screams "April Showers!"
Happy Spring!

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