Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Egypt Bound: Packing Dry Run

It's coming up quickly - our planned trip to Egypt (and Italy) is still on! After much deliberation (some publicly, like in this post), we decided to stick with our trip.

Now comes the fun part: getting about 500 things done in the short time before we leave! One item we checked off the list this past weekend was a "packing dry run". The reason for the dry run was to determine if we were going to need to buy another suitcase. I have a large one and a carry on size, and unfortunately Bob's large suitcase recently broke - zippers just won't close among other things! If we could make both of our packing fit into my suitcases, we would be able to get away with just one checked bag at $25!

Lo and behold: it worked! Some of this due to the fact that I am a very light packer and have been known to wear everything I bring with no room for "well, maybe I'll find a chance to wear this. . ." I am all about layering. Plus, it will be on the cooler side in Italy so I have a feeling I'll be wearing my springtime trench most of the time.
 I also stock up on lightweight long sleeved tees which fold up to the size of almost nothing at all. These will come in handy in Egypt where a respectful dress code is required.

Fitting everything into 2 suitcases is great - the idea of buying things on the trip and not having anywhere for them to fit is not so great. We are planning on flattening a smaller bag across the bottom of the larger suitcase to use as an extra carry on bag - after all, Bob will be allowed one more if he just sticks with a backpack on the way over (I will have my backpack - which I extolled about here - and the smaller of the two suitcases).

One more thing to cross of the list! Breaking the news to Fredo that he's not able to come on our trip is still to come. . .


  1. my suggestion for longer trips where i know i'll be wanting to bring back things is to pack PJs, tees etc that i don't mind leaving behind after i've worn them out there...

  2. That's a great idea, Nancy! Good luck in your show, sad we'll be missing it because it falls during our trip!