Friday, March 18, 2011

End of the First Annual 36.5 in 365!

One year down! Last March, I racked my brain and came up with 36 and a half goals I would spend the next 12 months working towards. I wasn't sure how much I would stick to the plans, to be honest, but having a public space to share accomplishments - and face non-action - definitely helped put the pressure on!

Click on the side bar or this link to review full detail, but here's an overview on how I measured up and my lessons learned for the next round of goals (coming soon to a post near you!)

1. I'm a pop culture over-achiever! I assumed 15 books and read 18. I assumed 120 movies/TV show seasons and watched 143. An interesting one: I said three museums and went to two, but I said two theater trips and went three times! That evens out, right?

2. Some goals don't play well with each other. I had equal parts "spend a lot of money" as I did "save a lot of money." Between booking international trips and trying to pay off a student loan, something has to give. I think I have the right frame of mind in recognizing I don't have to be paying more than double the minimum on the loans at the interest rates I have, when that money can be going towards life experiences like Egypt and Italy! Sure, I might be tacking on a few more months to the loans, but am still over two years ahead on them. Not bad at all!

3. Sometimes life gets in the way and that's okay. I wasn't able to fulfill my web design certificate program - just two classes left though - based on class dates and my travel schedule and also a more pressing need to save money (house hunting alert!). Making over one of my parents' rooms also didn't come to fruition this year, but the good news is they are starting slowly on a basement bedroom on their own!

4. A couple I accomplished were the ones I thought I never would. Driving a car and Running a 5K. If you knew me at all, you would never put me in the same category as those two activities. Sure, I don't drive on a regular basis and I might be waiting until this horrible winter is over before strapping on the running shoes again, but I am proud to say I did both of these things in 2010!

Year One is in the can. Whew! Now I can figure out what goals are constants and what new ones to take on. Wish me luck!

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