Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Importance of Fun and Culture

Welcome to a time-honored tradition.

Back in college, my friend Kari and I invented "Day of Fun and Culture." We would request off the same day from our summer job and start a full day filled with art exhibits, farmers' markets, ethnic food and a foreign movie to cap off the night. It was a great opportunity to explore different restaurants and check out the museums that we would walk by a hundred times.

A few years ago, I held a Chicago Day of Fun of Culture - full of tourist essentials: a morning at the Shedd Aquarium, lunch at Giordano's, a show at Second City. The Sky Deck at the Sears Tower was on the list but unfortunately it was too windy that day and was closed to the public. A tiring day, but great to get out and about in this city I don't always take full advantage of.

Kari came down a couple weekends ago to have a long past due DoFaC. I took advantage of the Chicago Public Library's Museum Pass program and picked up a pass to the Museum of Contempory Art. Up to 2 adults and 2 children can get in to various museums on one little pass that you can keep for a week - provided you have a library card of course.

Other freebies you might not know about:
- Bank of America "Museums on Us"
- Target Free Sundays
- One Free Day a Week (usually either Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays) 

Our timing in arriving at the museum was well-timed with the start of a performance by the Luna Negra Dance Theater - in and amongst one of the exhibits. Definitely a museum full of art that makes you think. . .some of it makes you think it's probably time to head home, but there are some interesting pieces here and there.
Post-museum, we made our way to a matinee of future Academy Award winner "The King's Speech." A packed theater: everyone trying to get their Oscar on just in the nick of time.

A busy day made staying in for the evening very appealing - a delivery order of great Chicago pizza and some mindless fun of watching Due Date later, and our Day of Fun and Culture came to a close!

I encourage you to create your own Day of Fun and Culture - be sure to take into account how much time driving or taking public transportation from place to place can take. Take it from experience, this can definitely take a toll on your itinerary for the day. . .

So what's on the list for future Days? (A list also called: what haven't I done in almost 7 years living in Chicago?)
- the Modern Wing of the Art Institute
- Blue Man Group
- Dinner at the Signature Room (in the John Hancock Building)
- The Brookfield Zoo
- Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

Who wants to join me?

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  1. I like the abbreviated name for our day of culture! Kari