Friday, April 29, 2011


This blog is nothing if not timely. Please read on for some ideas for an Easter centerpiece. . .one week after Easter.
We dyed a few eggs last weekend, but instead of enjoying some hard boiled eggs after keeping them hidden from view in the fridge, we "blew out" the insides to leave us with hollowed out eggs that can be rinsed out and left out for decor. And we got an omelette out of the yolk and whites, not too bad! Bob proved to be better at this task than I - not strong enough lungs. The process involved poking a hole in each end with a pin and blowing on one end until the insides all trickled out. I cheated by poking a giant hole in the bottom and just hiding that side in the display bowl.

I also played with the display by making little containers out of a couple of the eggshells - filled with colorful small jelly beans I think they turned out pretty cute.
We tried "marbelizing" a couple of the eggs following some Martha instructions: dye eggs one color and then roll in another color that has 1 Tb olive oil mixed in. Sometimes things don't turn out as well as they do in the Martha Stewart Livings. . .I tried to make a brown color for the second layer and failed - could only create purple. Ahh well.
Hope you had a good Easter yourself! Onto the next holiday!

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