Thursday, April 14, 2011

What a Trip - Introduction

If you are wondering why I have been MIA for two weeks, you can blame the travel bug. Bob and I took our much anticipated Egypt and Italy trip and just got back a couple days ago! It was an amazing time, and I'm planning on sharing stories and insights from the trip over a few posts including:

- Hits and Misses: What did we plan successfully, what did we think would make our trip better and ended up a dud (here's a hint: travellers cheques were the bane of our existence)
- Food, Glorious Food: Lydia discovers her "natural shot of food" setting on her camera
- Budget Breakdowns and Savings Plans: How did we plan ahead so we aren't paying off a credit card for the next eight years?
- Overall Recap: lots of photos and a history lesson or two for you

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