Monday, May 9, 2011

Three Cheap Vases

A few months ago I found these Pepsi bottles at our grocery store and bought a few. It wasn't until I was down to the last 2 that I had a thought to make a fun summer centerpiece or window display out of them. Because everything is better in "threes" my two lonely bottles never amounted to anything and found themselves in the recycle bin. Jewel didn't seem to carry these guys again until recently so we quickly scooped them up! (Could the wait have had to do with a lawsuit on selling the Mexican Pepsis in the US?)

This time, 3 were saved and rinsed out. I picked up some fake flowers from Michael's (though real would work just as well if not better) in matchy-matchy red, white and blue. For now these sit on our kitchen window sill amongst our orchid and bamboo greenery, but come 4th of July I can see this featured front and center on our dining room table!

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