Sunday, June 26, 2011

Clip Show

After a seven month lull, I finally updated the links on the pages of this blog! Sadly, it did not go too slowly considering I have not been much of a posting fiend the last few months, but alas. Hows about a trip down memory lane with a few projects?

In the Kitchen
So many good recipes, where to start? How about with these lemon bars - a Smitten Kitchen find (if you are not regularly perusing that blog for scrumptious photography and food consider this your starting point.)

Another recipe I have made more than a few times over the last year and a half is a crockpot meatball/spaghetti sauce. The best part of this recipe is that with a small crockpot I can only fit half of the meatballs so I freeze the rest. I have also found that the grocery store will only sell ginormous cans of tomato puree and crushed tomatoes so I use half of each and freeze the rest. This way, the next time I want to make the recipe all I need is a quick thaw in the fridge, 1 can tomato paste (not in the recipe, but I always add one to tomato based sauces to help thicken them up) and 1 jar spaghetti sauce.

In the Air
In honor of it being this same weekend, here's to StrawberryFest - a Long Grove tradition! Mmmm. . .donuts!

It was also a little more than a year ago that I hit the road with 10 girlfriends bound for Nashville (road being figurative, we all flew there). A yee-haw, country-music kickin' three days followed.

In the Home
An early foray into DIY for me, check out these distressed picture frames which later hung in my Mom's made over kitchen.

When it comes to decorating our next home, the presence of a library - even if it not held within its own four walls, but part of a larger room, is a neccesity. This was the first area of our last apartment that came together and for the two years we lived there was one of my favorite parts! 

In the Spirit
The project that started the blog! My sister's baby shower proved that I take being crafty maybe a little too seriously, as demonstrated by the homemade invites I took on, but it was oh so much fun. And now with baby #2 on the way, the fun in the family continues!
Putting the crafting to good use, I have started packaging up sets of cards to give as gifts. Check out how they turn out here.  

In the Mind
2 years after first moving in together, Bob and I haven't killed each other yet. I think part of the reason is our organization when it comes to our joint finances. Read about how we break things down (and make some money doing it).

Finally, adding links related to my goals from last year got me thinking to my next set of goals that are a few months overdue - stay tuned for a post soon to see what I have in store for this next year!

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