Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Few Months of Temporary Living

May, I hardly knew you. In between a crazy month of work travel and conferences, Bob and I continued to search for a permanent home all the while packing for our temporary one. To save a few dollars this summer, we decided not to renew our lease on our 2 bedroom on June 1 and instead downsize to a one bedroom in a different neighborhood on a month to month lease until we close on a place of our own.

To continue down the path of saving money, we decided not to get movers for this leg (though you better believe they will be booked come fall or whenever we end up moving again!). Since we had some flexibility in getting into our "new" apartment about a week ahead of June 1, we could take the long Memorial Weekend and knock it all out.
Let's start out with the basics:

When we moved to Uptown, we knew renting was not going to be long term, 2 or 3 years at most. Therefore, we partially filled our storage unit with broken down moving boxes. No sense wasting some good product like these heavy duty Dell boxes from Bob's work!
One of my conferences that happened to be in Chicago provided me with a few more good size boxes for books (not too big where you can't even lift them). Every night I just brought a few more home with me on the bus.

Bob did a run to Binny's, a local liquor warehouse, and came out with a jackpot. The built in bottle dividers also meant we could easily pack glassware without worrying about jamming too many into one box on top of one another.
This also reminded me of my freshman year of college: my family owned a bar so most of my moving boxes were of the Captain Morgan variety. My roommate saw my boxes before she met me for the first time and she later told me she thought I was going to be some raging party girl!
Since we don't plan to be in this current place for longer than a few months, and we actually own enough stuff for a 3 bedroom, we are planning on keeping most stuff packed up. Therefore, packing became a bit more strategic. Sure, it is easy to keep a box of DVDs or books closed up in the closet, but what about when we need that one spatula or I can't remember what box I put the mouse to the laptop in (actually the exact situation I am facing right now). The kitchen was divided up into "keep packed" and "use." Most of the keep packed items include our entertaining stuff - our new place would be more than tight if we tried to have a party. Come to think of it - we don't even have a table to host a dinner part at!

We rented a storage unit for things like the outdoor table and chairs, our grill, bins of holiday decor, our dining table and chairs, my desk and an assortment of other boxes and baubles we won't need on an every day basis.
Much like packing up the car, filling up the storage unit was a bit like playing the game of Tetris.
Considerations like keeping out 1 set of mixing bowls instead of all three sets also helped us save room in our significantly downsized kitchen. It also begs the question why we have three sets of mixing bowls to begin with! Of course, as I prepare to make some baked goods this afternoon I am hoping that I did not overestimate how little I would use the kitchen this summer as we might end up having dug through every box by the time we move out of here regardless of the efforts!

More to come on this big move that will lead to an even bigger move! For now, I will just have to say goodbye to the Uptown condo that had been very good to us the last two years!

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  1. Yay! I missed you! Can't wait to see how you make the new place work for you and good lucking finding one to buy!