Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Little Touches

While 1/4 of our main living area is taken up with a stack of boxes and empty shelves, I have been trying to find small ways to make our temporary house a little more like a home amid our packed up lives.

Not wanting to take the extra effort to nail things onto the walls, we are still enjoying some of our art by leaning pieces against the wall. (pardon the photo flashes: this apartment does not have much in the way of overhead lighting or natural light for that matter. Our few lamps have been on high alert since we moved in!)

The bedroom only had space for one of our night stands (our twin beds pushed together, aka "super bed" is taking up its fair share of room), so I threw the other one in the hallway as a make-shift entryway table. Our tiny kitchen also has no room for the much needed junk drawer (only having one drawer and all), so the nightstand is also pulling double duty as the holder of lint brushes, extra batteries and tape.
One thing I will give this place is its ample closet space! We filled two of them to the brim with stackable boxes and some lighter options on the top shelves. Same goes for the bedroom closets. The idea is to get some of our boxes out of the way so our dining room area doesn’t look quite so insane.
Luckily, we found room against the bedroom wall next to the dresser for our beloved full length Mongstad Mirror from IKEA. What we didn’t do was reinforce the leaning monstrosity by screwing it into the wall as we had done at the last place. How to make sure the mirror doesn’t even think about sliding forward disastrously? Prop a storage ottoman stacked with heavy coffee table books against one of the corners! Classy.
These little touches are helping me to ignore this elephant in the room!
Good news getting better – we put an offer in on a place and have been approved by the seller. Since it is a short sale we just have to be patient as we wait for the bank decision! Fingers crossed that in a couple short months my posts will start to lean towards the “painting” and “refinishing floors” variety.


  1. Wow, congrats on finding a house so soon! You should send out some info and pics....

  2. Next post! Stay tuned for the details!

  3. Wow! Doesn't look too bad...can't wait to see what you found, though. Good luck with the bank!