Wednesday, June 22, 2011


When in need of a craft project, why not take on making a few gift tags for those future wonderful gifts you will be giving all of your friends and family? I picked up a pack of 20 from Michaels, though these are much larger than the tags I have used in the past.

A variety of Happy Birthday, Wedding Wishes, New Baby and more followed as my packed up box of craft supplies found itself exploded into our living room. I managed to get everything packed back up, though not quite well enough to be able to close the box. I have a feeling that by the time we move out of this temporary house most of our boxes will find themselves in the same situation.

A few months ago I had picked up a 99 cent 3D sticker that I finally found a use for. I cut it to shape the Happy Birthday tag below. The wedding couple and bubble stamp were recent purchases - I can't seem to get out of that craft store without at least one stamp. Dangerous.
My issues with stampin' it up always lie with the danger of smudging. If anyone has any suggestions for how I can get around this I would be very grateful. I tried to not touch these for a full day and let them sit to fully dry, but even then I ruined a pretty cool tag by messing up the ink when I picked it up and put my thumb over the top. This Happy Birthday tag below is the one I ruined by getting the green all over it. My sister got me the travel stamp on the middle tag for Christmas, now that I'm looking at it again I wish I would have moved it down so the bottom ran off the tag. Finally, if I must get nit-picky about it, my "For Your Wedding Day" phrase stamp never fails to leave a little bit of ink in a line across the top. Tricky stuff.
Big stamps are fun, but they are also easy to screw up. One little area not pushed down right and your whole project takes a hit. This is the first time I have perfected the toile bird stamp, and it took 3 tries! The baby-themed tag was a happy accident: I used a square punch on the tag only to not have it push all the way through on the first try. It caused a raised square that was still attached to the tag and looked kind of neat when the footprints stamp was applied.
Finally, this photo features my favorite tag, and also the first one I made that day! The "with love" stamp was only $1 in the clearance bin at Michaels (are you seeing a theme with my Michaels trips?) and the flowers and vines are part of a toile set I have owned for quite awhile. Add to the mix another simplified Baby Shower/New Baby tag and one covered in some Asian-inspired paper.
This project took no more than a couple hours and helped keep the creative juices flowing while we live like nomads for the next few months. Now to just keep birthdays, babies and bar mitzvahs in mind to get some of these tags out into the world!

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