Sunday, July 31, 2011

Pinterest Project - Balls in My Court

I think the Next Big Thing for blogs will be Pinterest Challenges. The pinning is easy, the doing is where we all need that extra push from the community!  I made one of my Year Two Goals to take on a Pinterest Project each month, so I thought I would start with one that has been catching my eye.

I stopped over at the host blog for the project to check out the details. Thumbtacks + Styrofoam Balls + Paint. . .easy enough!

First up was a trip to Michaels to get the styrofoam. I walked around with 2 packs in my basket for a good twenty minutes before my eyes landed on these Smoothfoam Crafter's Foam. Somehow they were even cheaper than the styrofoam packs of 6 and they seemed a lot more heavy duty. I was a bit concerned with some of the comments on the project blog post regarding tacks not staying in or the foam disintegrating with paint application so the tagline of "Paint It, Pin It, Glue It" had me at hello.
The next adventure was the search for thumbtacks. I bought out the last 3 packs of 200 at Staples and figured that would be enough to keep me busy.

This photo is titled, "oh, I guess 600 doesn't go as far as I thought it would." It is subtitled, "we have no place in our transition apartment to take an attractive photo so these blinds and the only vase we have unpacked will have to do."
And herein lies the challenge on not having a car and not wanting to take eight hundred bus transfers to get to the OfficeMax a few neighborhoods away. I headed back to Staples to see if they had restocked but they did not have any more. I got 200 for $2.49 at Staples so that was the price I was trying to beat and not having the easiest time of it. After trips to Ace Hardware (where the price was astronomical), Family Dollar and CVS, I came home with another 950 tacks.

The problem? The new tacks were flat headed as opposed to slightly curved like the silver ones. These definitely created a different look, not bad just not the same. I stuck with using the new type on the larger balls and the curvy ones that were more scale like on the smaller set.
 When it came to painting, I would have loved to take these out to the garage to apply a couple coats of colorful spray paint. A couple issues: a) I have no outdoor space and b) we can't get spray paint in the city and we didn't have a trip to the suburbs planned for the weekend. I tried my hand at using regular acrylic paint and while it worked out fine, I know that spray paint would have been the better option and I will probably try to re-do the paint job at some point.

Again, apologies for the poor photo quality - there is literally no light in this apartment. Can we move yet?
 The color scheme of berry and light blue comes from our plan for our library/fireplace/sitting area at our new place (you know, the place we haven't even gotten yet but we choose to believe the bank will approve the short sale). I found the color combo in my copy of The Nest Home Design Handbook and with a gray shag rug underneath (another Pinterest Project to tackle) the area is really going to pop.

So there we have it - the first of many Pinterest Projects. Really loving how these turned out. Granted, my per piece price ended up being just under $4 and I saw some decorative vase fillers on clearance at Pier 1 yesterday for $1.98 but doesn't homemade make it that much more fun?

Shared in the Young House Love Pinterest Challenge.


  1. Love your color choices!!! And that paintable crafter's foam looks like it worked perfectly! It is so fun that you tried these... and I'm glad you had success!

  2. I have a question- we have tried to get the curved tacks to lay down "scale-like" as much as possible, and it works great up until about the last "row" or two...then it all goes you know where in a handbasket, quiick! any tips for us? I'd like to be able to do this along with 3-d mod-podging with glitter....

  3. Hi Courtney, not sure if this advice helps, but I made sure to stagger the tacks across as opposed to putting them in a line vertically (like how you might see subway tile or a backsplash staggered). if you can keep it in as straight a line as possible throughout, your last bit should be enough space to hold a few tacks, hope it works out for you.