Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Shower Power

Now before you jump to conclusions and assume my writing about babies is in any way tied to my recent engagement. . .

With a number of pregnancies coming to a head this fall from friends, sibling and co-workers, I thought I would share some Baby Shower ideas and gift options to help the parents to be say, "ooh, ahh!" even before the little one arrives.

A year ago I wrote about some out of the box Wedding Gift ideas. Continuing that tradition, here's a few culled from internet searching and the imagination focused on a new baby:

Keep 'em Fed! - My sister and I take advantage of a Dream Dinners service every few months - you put together freezer meals that can be easily thawed out or even cooked frozen for those days when planning a whole meal is altogether too much. I wrote a post about it here. Bob and I offered up an order to some friends who are about to welcome a little one so that they could "fill their bellies while they are busy with baby." I made the meals up this past weekend and we dropped them off into the friends' freezer - almost just in the nick of time as that due date approaches!
Special Service - Along the lines of stocking up their freezer, focusing on the parents rather than the baby could be a nice change of pace. You just know that kid is going to get spoiled rotten with onesies, little outfits and toys galore, what about giving a massage package, a maid service gift certificate or even a pack of movie vouchers with promises to babysit?

Take a Tub - I like buying up the baby tub from the registry and filling it with fun baby shampoos, toys and even a few bath related things they might be able to enjoy when they are a bit older - who else had the bath crayons like I did?? You can also find bath nozzle covers to help keep noggins bump free as baby gets more exploratory.

Je m'appelle Sophie - I love Sophie the Giraffe. Not just because she is one of the cutest toys I have ever seen and not only because she's french, but also because she gets great reviews from those mommies dealing with a teething baby.

And because the obsession with Pinterest continues. Check out a couple unique gift ideas:

I see these font-riffic frames popping up everywhere on the site. While you won't know the details at the Baby Shower (unless you are an amazing at guessing), you could get the parents to be a gift certificate for an artist who can make something similar or for a site that offers canvases of any photo or image you send in so they can figure out their own direction.

A personalized book to help tie back words like "mommy" and "daddy" to the real life people is really just too cute.
Are you the one planning the baby shower? Check out some ideas from the project that started this ole blog - the baby shower we organized for my sister back in 2009 (invites, games, food, prizes and decor). With a rambunctious 2 year old running around our legs nowadays this seems so long ago. . .

Bonus Section:
What is your favorite funny onesie saying? It is kind of odd the saucy stuff we force our babies to "say" when you really think about it. Poor innocent little things:
- All Mommy Wanted Was a Backrub
- I'm Too Sexy for My Diaper
- This is What Happens in Las Vegas
and don't even get me started on their obsession with boobs!

It is sort of comparable to dressing your cat or dog up in outfits, except your pet is never going to grow up, find the photos and get hugely embarrased.


  1. Nels LOVES his Sophie! Even though he's not really teething now, he loves the squeaking and still chews on her (that sounds really bad).

    And my dad almost got him a onesie that said "Lock up your daughters." Yep.

  2. I do like "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner." Nice.