Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tri, Tri, Tri Again

He did it again. Bob found himself signing up for his second sprint triathlon this summer. With a steady training schedule and some new bike equipment including fancy pedal shoes, he shaved 11 minutes off of his 2010 time. Good on ya Bob!

There he goes in the red shirt - zoom!
Congratulations to our friends who swam, ran and biked. Here's Bob with his college friend Brian in front of a lovely Chicago backdrop.  And while I saw another friend or two running by, I did not catch our Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Although neither did Bob - the Mayor beat his time by 5 minutes!
This also marks the start of the second cycle of the "how to get Lydia to exercise" bet we established last year. When Bob completed the tri I promptly purchased running shoes and crossed a 5K off the list a couple months later.

The fall weather is upon us - I know this because I am no longer dying of heat stroke in our bedroom if our fan isn't on full blast (oh central air, I miss you. Please come back to me soon in the form of our new place). Fall means I can run outside and not get too overheated. I am a baby about things like that. Time to kick the running program into gear. 

Leading up to what 5K though? How about a Turkey Trot over Thanksgiving? My brother in law is already gung ho and the only thing that would prevent our follow through is if my sister decides to go into labor too close to the starting time. Now, if the sound of the starter pistol going off is what sends her into labor that could be a whole other story. Do they even use starter pistols anymore? I have a feeling those have been banned and replaced with an mp3 of a loud noise.

Sneak Peek:
FiancĂ©e. Pop Culture Enthusiast. Homeowner. 

I am only 2 of those things currently but all that should change come September 26. . .can't wait to share more. . . .

. . .and I probably just jinxed myself and the bank deal is going to fall through.

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