Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pinterest Project - Spinning a Yarn

The Pinspiration continues! As we move into fall, my pinterest boards are filling up with vintage Halloween decor, cozy sweater-centric outfits, recipes for cooler evenings and a few more wedding ideas here and there. One DIY project caught my eye and I thought it could be a fun project to try out for a friend's forthcoming baby shower.
Too cute! I found a few tutorials via google search and before I knew it I was at Michaels for about the fifth time this month. After perusing the styrofoam section and only finding a wreath form that had hard edges and not rounded, I dug a little deeper and found a smaller size with a 12" diameter that had a flat back - knowing these would be up against a wall the flat back didn't bother me any. And saving a couple bucks is never a bad thing. I also like making something a little on the smaller side considering it would be up in a nursery and not on someone's front door.

The nursery color scheme, I was told, was peachy pinks with yellow, white and sage accents. I found yarn that was baby soft to the touch in white and yellow. I had originally wanted to learn how to make felt flowers but the color perfection of these Jolee's Boutique flowers had me at hello. Plus, I am fine with my DIY getting a little bit of help - must be the Semi-Homemade Sandra Lee in me.
This was also my opportunity to use my glue gun for the first time. Bob got it for me as a stocking stuffer last holiday season. A quick burst of glue to secure the end of the white yarn got us started.
 Then I basically spent the next twenty minutes wrapping the wreath form so it had thick, full coverage. Side note: as I made this wreath we watched the Clint Eastwood western Unforgiven. Does not seem like the movie to watch while making a yarn wreath for a baby's room.

The end of the white was hot glued in place and then to add a little color after the white yarn was applied, I took a corner and added some yellow. I can't say I am an expert yet at making the back look pretty but isn't that why we'll be putting this up against a wall??
A few more dabs of hot glue onto the already sticky backs of our flowers, a few accents added and voila! You may have noticed in the supplies photo that I had picked up a small needlepoint hoop to mimic the inspiration photo, but I did not have a chance to find any fabric that fit the wreath to a tee. So that little guy will be saved for the next wreath. . .
After only an hour I had a lovely little wreath to share with a friend. Color me obsessed - I may or may not have gone back to Michaels the next day to purchase a couple more wreath forms and shades of yarn for future projects. . . .

And speaking of the baby shower I made the wreath for, check out this adorable favor we all departed with. A shout out to Aunt Sylvia's carmel corn recipe featured on the blog a few months ago!


  1. I will have to send you a pictures of the wreath in the nursery! Kari

  2. That is so cute! The colors in the pin example are exactly what I need for the new baby's room!