Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prove It - Part 1

So I wanted to wait to write about Bob's latest artistic endeavor until it was all completed and hanging up in our new place. Alas, as I start adding up the number of photos I already have of the process it would certainly make for the longest post ever. So instead you are getting this one in installments. Now, I have also shied away from getting too ahead of myself. in posting based on past experience Exhibit A: Our Console Table project that never made it past the planning stage. I feel guilty for those that stumble on the blog doing a google search for DIY Console Tables and get nowhere fast.

But I think we feel pretty good about this one reaching the finish line, especially at the stage he's already made it to.

Without further ado, here is the story of Bob's five foot tall painting:

Early in the summer, Bob was leafing through an X-Men comic book I own (why do I own this? Not really sure.) and found a cell that he thought would make a good painting. We like the pop art look and the graphic novel/comic book feel is right up our alley. This doesn't mean i want an obvious superhero shot up on our wall, but there are plenty of images in the books that don't scream "Wolverine."As we flipped through the comic further, I landed on an image that we were instantly attracted to.
Check out the Purple Haired Lady looking over her shoulder with a smirk and a simple word bubble saying "Prove It!" Even the color scheme sort of matches the ideas we have for our sitting area. Wouldn't this be a good fit for above the fireplace?? (If you are interested in the back story, I think she's running away from Sabretooth. There, that's my total knowledge of the comic book storyline for you.)

Looking at a scale of 2:3, we headed to Blick and picked out our canvas. The ceilings at the place we were aiming to get go as high as the eye can see, so we were all about an over-sized piece. A little overzealous of us to buy the canvas before we actually had the place? Maybe, but we figured we'd find somewhere for it no matter where we ended up.

So here's Bob with our 40"x60" blank slate! Now reason should state that we would wait for a ginormous canvas sale so we wouldn't break the bank. But when we want to start a project we aren't the smartest when it comes to sale prices. We did get a little discount from a regular sale and we also got a Blick Rewards card which saved us some dollars on this visit and future visits (giant canvas = a need for lots of paint)
Bob made a few copies of the cell, enlarging some at different levels to help with the details and also to help him plan out his grid to keep everything to scale. You can sort of see the lines in this photo he created.
Now to do the sketch. . . our cat Sonny gets some pointers. And hey, bonus shot of my holiday blocks that I had just finished that same weekend!
Carefully mixing his paints to try to get the exact coloring we wanted, over the next couple weeks Bob took care of the green background, pink shirt, purple hair and beige face.
With her outlines all done, the painting is really starting to come together. The most challenging part lies in front of us though. . .like a Roy Lichtenstein, the comic book cells are all made up of little dots. We have been trying to perfect the process to make evenly spaced and exact sized dots across each section of the canvas.

We're on our third iteration of a stencil and with each try it gets easier, but stay tuned for a next post to see what ends up working for the painting!

What do you think of "Prove It?" I am pretty jazzed about having some cool pop art in our new place and also not having to spend a life savings on a giant piece of art like we will be getting! 

Great job so far Bob!

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