Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finders Keepers

What was that I said about more frequent posting? Lack of internet at the new abode makes for some difficult bloggin'.

Well, we are in. Not quite unpacked, but we are in. I thought I would share a few of the interesting "finds" in the place. This has given me fond memories of when my parents bought a new house sitting on a lot of land and we proceeded to find the strangest things on property - everything from old stable equipment to a pile of tires. There was also an astonishingly large number of tiny sheds spread out in the woodsy area. Axe murderer hangout written all over them.

So finding random stuff across five acres of woods is understandable, but how much could be hiding in a 1400 square foot condo?

First off, cleaning out the under-the-kitchen-sink area proved fruitful with extra bottles of dishsoap, a pack of garbage bags and multiple bottles of febreze. An odder addition to the mix of cleaning supplies was this can of AquaNet. Isn't this hairspray? Does this have cleaning capability I am unaware of?
Next up, a suspicious box shoved in the back corner of the laundry room. Opening it up we found our very own Rock Band Guitar.
Although we don't have an xbox to test it out to see if it works, two things lead me to believe we have a faulty axe on our hands. a) the box it was in was addressed to the warranty department and b) what bachelor is going to leave a perfectly good Rock Band Guitar behind?
Finally, at the top top top of our condo there is a storage space area. We could see a small something peeking out when looking up from ground level. Bob hopped up on the ladder and proceeded to pull down . . .
A whole speaker set up! Like the guitar, I have a sinking feeling we are facing a dud system as opposed to a completely free set of speakers. But we'll see what we can make work! Our last apartment that we rented had built in surround sound so although we had to buy a receiver (read about that adventure/ordeal here) we couldn't take the speakers with us.
So there we have it, a few interesting finds in the new place. If these speakers actually work I'll be quite the happy camper. If the guitar actually works, you will be seeing it on a craigslist near you. And, in case you were curious, the AquaNet made its way to the trash.


  1. No internet?? Are you getting it soon? I need more updates!

    We found an aerosol can of "Christmas Tree Scent" and some kind of hormone level test kit (yes, like medical device stuff - gross) in our new house. I love the idea of all those random storage sheds on your parents' property - creepy!

  2. hopefully Comcast will be coming in next week!

    Kara, you are the one with all the updates! Moving out of the house to prepare for demo time - I can't imagine how crazy that all is with a one-year old in tow!