Thursday, October 27, 2011

Higher Love*

When life gives you 17 foot tall ceilings, you have got to use the space wisely. So we were excited to learn that the second bedroom had a bike pulley system that Bob could use to hang his bike during the winter months. I love the idea of the bike being out of the way, but not just chillin' in the shared garage where it could too easily ride off without Bob at the helm.

Bonus points for finding Bob in the picture - he blends into the blue wall!

And the visually artistic aspect of the bike when you are in the living room is an added plus.
The same night Bob was strapping up the bike, we were getting the twin bed mattresses ready to move into the second bedroom. Our new king sized mattress had just been delivered so we did a switch out from our bedroom to prepare for Bob's family coming to visit a few days later. We knew the cats liked climbing vertical mattresses from our experience moving out of our last place, so it wasn't a huge surprise when I saw Fredo hanging out at the top of one when I went in to get some bike photos.
What was a surprise, however, was this.
Do you see what I see? Besides the horribly ripped up boxspring bottom, of course! Sonny used the other mattress to climb to the top of the room's wall and explore the tops of the kitchen cabinets. Also, if you are wondering why the top of the paint is so jagged and bad, we are relying on a professional painter to come in and finish the jobs we couldn't reach!
It didn't take long for Mr. Fredo to follow suit. Unfortunately, they didn't know how to get down, so I had to climb on the kitchen counters and do a "cat in a tree" rescue.
We decided to keep the door to the bedroom shut so we didn't have anything to worry about overnight. By the next day, the beds were put together and the cats' access was taken away from them.
In case you are thinking that those beds take up a whole lotta room, please know this is not the endgame plan. We are replacing the twin beds with a pull out couch type set up against one wall and I'm building a project table to create a workroom. A trip to IKEA this past weekend got me a little further on plans for that project. Of course, with impending friends and family over the next month, the beds might stay put rather than us impulse buy a couch we don't love.

How do you like the blue paint in the bedroom? We used Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint and Primer in One in Blue Chaise. Picture a crisp white project table and the shelf unit currently pictured also spray painted white, with some black and white photography up on the walls. Ooh, aah. . .does that get the creative juices flowing? Also, please picture a much more organized closet - yowza! With only one shelf at the top of the closet, we see potential to use up some wasted space by adding a shelf in between the floor and the top.

*The title of the post is taken from the awesome Steve Winwood song. The first night we stayed at the new place our silent unpacking (no TV or internet yet!) was suddenly peppered with the sounds of Higher Love blaring loud and clear from a neighboring apartment. Bob and I looked at each other and the next five or so years flashed in front of my eyes, "We are going to hear everything from every other condo!" Luckily, I love the song so it was a tolerable three minutes. I waited to hear would come through next, but was met with silence. A month later, we haven't heard another peep since, save for the occasional muffled footsteps of a child and/or dog running around upstairs. Strange. . . .

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