Monday, October 17, 2011

Painting Party

Boldly Going Where We Have Never Gone Before. . .

That should be the theme of our new place when it comes to paint colors. We are dealing with a whole lotta wall in our place, what with the 17 foot ceilings and all. And while you might think neutral colors might be the best bet for this scale, Bob and I are shaking our heads at that concept.

The colors we finalized after some soul searching and sample application include Pesto for the hallway. You can see a swatch of "Desert Cactus" which in the end ended up being just too light. I should mention that all of our paint is Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint and Primer in One. I love that stuff.
 We have only made progress on this one hallway wall so far, and it needs some touch-ups itself. Here's a shot of how it looks walking in, and also how messy our hallway is! It does not look that neon in person though.

Our mattress delivery guy from the weekend complimented the color so I feel like we are on the right track. . .
Right on the other side of that green wall is our second bedroom. We also found ourselves going darker than the original sample color we had in mind. Picking Blue Chaise over Ocean Cruise. Sorry for the dark photo - I'll get a couple better ones to share. And, keeping up with the trend of messiness - does this look like a room ready to host people in the next two days? A lot of work to do between now and then!

When it comes to the tippy-tops of the walls, we will be calling in an expert painter to balance on a ladder and cut in the top so we don't have to kill ourselves. Make that, so Bob doesn't have to kill himself while I try to hold the ladder without success.

The other interesting thing with the blue is that the second bedroom is not walled in, so you can see the tops from the living room. This means we will want to be careful in choosing a kitchen color that complements it.
Our bedroom inspiration is warm Moroccan colors, so we started looking at those in the orange family for our one wall in the room that isn't brick (the closet). Per usual, the sample paint we had picked up was just too light, so we went a shade darker. Replace Orange Spice with Poppy Glow and here's what you have:
Bob spent last night dismantling the exisiting Elfa system in the closet and painting the inside walls. Now that is one cheery color!
So we are definitely in a "work in progress" world right now. It has been nice to live with the colors for a couple weeks and settle into them before we tackle the rest. It's a big job, and the kitchen color is still a bit of a question mark, but we're having fun!

Here are a couple extra shots to show some scale of the place with our furniture in place:
Now those are two very full bookshelves. . .luckily we have an IKEA trip coming up to add another Billy to the mix! And yes, the Halloween decor was one of the first boxes unpacked. Expect a write up very shortly on this year's additions!


  1. I love all the colors so far! I suggest choosing a variation on either the blue or green colors for the kitchen, so there's a little repetition. Or the right tone of gray (not necessarily too neutral-feeling, if you go with a medium to dark shade!) might tie everything together. But I'm sure whatever you pick will look awesome. Can't wait to see it in person!