Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wedding Belles

Inviting the lovely ladies in my life to be bridesmaids in my wedding seemed to be one of the first things to check off the planning list (a list that seems to keep growing!). I wanted to have a date and location nailed down before I did the invites, but after a certain point couldn't hold out any longer! We do tentatively have our date and location as we have a hold on a downtown Chicago locale for early next October. So with a small asterisk next to the date and location, I decided to go forward with an idea I had probably a year and a half ago for how to invite my girls.

It occured to me that I had been a bridesmaid for each of the three ladies I was planning on inviting. My sister in 2005, and my college friends Kara and Kari in 2008 and 2010 respectively. So I decided to set up a prop station that represented their individual wedding, put on the bridesmaid dress and carry a sign that said "Your Turn!"

Now, in my head this looked incredible. Perfect lighting, professional grade photography and photoshop fun. Reality being that I had let the nice weather pass so shooting outdoors in tiny dresses probably wasn't in the cards, I don't have photoshop and I'm only now finding settings on my camera that help me shoot indoors. . .

But in the end, I was very pleased with the results! Bob took some time out from painting the bedroom closet to run out into the living room and snap a few (or fifty) shots when I had the next set of props ready. Thanks B, couldn't have done it without you!

The first step involved finding the right backdrop in the apartment. With brick walls a-plenty, I focused on the area our dining room table was in as that seemed to have the best light.
After clearing out the space, I set up the prop area. A simple chair and end table were the constant through each photo. The Chicago poster we have framed seemed to be the right size for the "Your Turn" phrase, so I tested out a few snaps. I threw a few of my props on the table to make sure they would photograph well. Ideally I would have had a different color Izze soda than orange as it sort of blended into the table, but what can you do. The bottom shelf of the table was used for photos from each of the weddings that I either already had framed or could find in my scrapbooks.
To make the "Your Turn" sign, I originally wanted to make a fancy font printed out, or else replace the poster contents digitally within photoshop. What I ended up doing was making cut out letters that gave it a little more of a homespun feel - at least that is the time-crunch spin I am putting on it!
Costume time! My sister got married in Key West. I represented her wedding with key lime pie and a set of limes on the table. We tested out a few poses of me actually eating the cake. Spoiler alert: I do not look attractive eating a piece of cake. Here was the winning shot - fake eating! I wish the key lime pie had been bright green. I could be eating any old thing!
Next up, Kara's bluegrass Colorado wedding! I was kicking myself for not borrowing my sister's cowboy boots on the down low to represent the footwear Miss Kara wore with her own wedding dress. However, her wedding did feature Izze sodas during the ceremony and I still had the pashmina she gave all of her girls for that cool Colorado fall day.
Finally, Kari's classy Lake Geneva wedding decor (featured on the blog last fall!) was a hit with lanterns hanging above the reception tables and dozens of vases with jewel-toned flowers. Again, a pashmina received made an appearance as did a vase I actually had nabbed from one of the tables that evening. After several attempts at holding the lantern and looking dwarfed by a big red ball, I found a little screw in the wall above me and used some clear stuff to "hang it."
Once I got my three finalist photos developed at Walgreens the next day, I affixed them to blank cards with photo corners and asked "Will You Be My Bridesmaid" in the inside. A personalized note was added on stationary that I received as an engagement gift from a good friend: "Soon to be Mrs. Kamicar" - so cute!
Once they were ready to send, I shipped them off and waited for a response! By the end of the weekend I had three "yes's" on my hand, including one very creative reply from Kara - a photo via text of her holding a white board that read, "Of Course!"
One project crossed off the list, about a million more to go. Stay tuned on the blog for all of the details over this next year!

A few photo outtakes for fun:


  1. What an awesome idea! Love the pics:)

  2. Thanks Katie! It's fun to start working on the details - next year is going to come up fast!

  3. Wow! If you put this amount of creativity and effort into this... I can't imagine what the final day will be like! You're setting the standard off pretty high ;)

  4. Those cards look fantastic, nice job Lyd! I always enjoy reading your blog, you have such creative ideas.

  5. Awesome idea! Great pics! Totally loved it! Just found your blog through Tip Junkie and will definitely follow you! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  6. Great idea!! I hope to try these out for my friends soon!

    Also - where did you get your Chicago poster from? I am from Chicago and love it! :)

  7. Hi Allecia,
    The Chicago poster is from

    If you like that, check out this post that goes into detail on our Chicago-themed hallway!

    Thanks for the comments!

  8. Oh my gosh that's such a cute idea, love it!