Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Closet Case

Shudder to think, but this is how we were living for the first few weeks in the new place. Okay, these photos were taken at its worst state when we were getting ready to organize the closet, but still! And yes, Bob's Elway jersey was handled with the utmost care while our other bags were thrown around like we were airport baggage handlers!
The closet organizer then had to be dismantled to re-do the floors in the room and also so we could finish painting, so for a bit of time the closet contents exploded into the rest of the room. Yes, that is a bedroom with two twin mattresses on the floor surrounded by bags and bags of clothes. Oy vey!
But let's start at the very beginning. Here's what our master bedroom closet looked like upon closing.
While we are not looking our elfa system gift horse in the mouth, the set up was definitely geared more towards a bachelor living alone than a couple with a whole lot of clothes. We knew we would need to re-arrange to fit at least a couple more rods for hanging duds.

Also, the "wasted spaces" hunt continues - the closet door opens in, which means there is nothing on the opposite wall. We agree that another full set of shelves/rods would make the space feel pretty boxed in, but we could get creative with an ottoman/mirror option to turn the closet more into a dressing room.
After taking down all of the organizer elements, Bob broke out the Poppy Glow paint again and finished the job in the bedroom - this was what he was working on while we were also doing my Bridesmaid Invite photo shoot - such multi-taskers we are.
We had picked up three additional rods and hardware at The Container Store during an elfa sale, so for about $15 total. After some re-arranging of the shelves to maximize space, here's what we came up with. 5 hanging sections total, with three for me and two for him. Ideally, we would have a bit more space between his two sections, but the existing wall piece did not go all the way down to the floor. This is called working with what you've got.
Little touches include our sheepskin rug laid out on the floor and my jewelry shadowbox display (see how I made that here) perched on one of the open shelves.

Our tall ceilings mean we could stack a lot more on the top shelves, but we also don't want too many random items sticking out the top, considering the ceiling does not go all the way to the top, as seen here. This is also an issue with the coat closet and the second bedroom closet. . .
For now I'm just happy we have a closet to work with and we are beginning to be able to see our bedroom floor again!

PS. the new bed was delivered late last week, the big unveil will happen soon. You will be able to marvel at how we are using full size bedding on a king bed until we find that perfect duvet cover!

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