Thursday, November 3, 2011

Need a Little Help From My (Boy)Friend

Bob was out of town this past weekend and left me on my lonesome, which led me to two realizations.

First, there is a reason he is the one who dices up the mango, avocado, tomato, "insert fruit or vegetable here". I ruined this mango. I think I'll add an impromptu goal #37.5 to my list for the year - knife skills.
Second, allen wrenches and I do not get along. I attempted to put together the Expedit shelves that will act as bookends to my homemade craft table. It was going along swimmingly until I found myself with a few screws that just would not go in. Luckly I could get one side down on each shelving unit so I set them aside and waited patiently for Bob to fix them for me.
I think the issue was a combination of how perfectly the holes were lined up and how hard I actually pushed to get the screw to go all the way down.

With the shelves built, I quickly filled them with my craft stuff (and got yet another giant box unpacked!) and threw them against the second bedroom wall until the time comes for me to tackle building the actual table.
So as independent as I like to think I am, there are still some things around the house I need Mr. Bob for - plus its usually more fun with him around. Even as I sit at home writing this waiting for our bed frame to be delivered, I missed his presence while trying to throw our king sized mattress up against the wall. Nearly crushed! And I may or may not have scratched our floors trying to move our dresser to the opposite corner of the room. . .

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