Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pinterest Project - Earning My Stripes

I had in the plans this past weekend to make another Pinterest Project, so imagine my surprise when Young House Love, Ana White, House of Earnest and Bower Power timed their next Pinterest Challenge for the same weekend! Nice.

I should preface the DIY'd pin with the reasoning behind the pinspiration. I had a random revelation on a potential wedding design theme the other week. Here's a hint to how I came up with it. . .
That's right, as I groggily woke up one morning my eyes focused on the IKEA lamp I've had for 7+ years. The white top with intersecting stripes had me at hello. Imagining the stripes in our wedding colors (yet to be perfected, but likely in the navy, mustard, gray and teal families) I suddenly saw our invites and programs take shape.
PS. The glasses on the nightstand are fake. I had dug them out to complete my Halloween costume. I went as a Hipster.

So with the stripes in mind I couldn't help but pin this spray painted vase/candleholder project I saw only a couple days later.
The image was pinned from this blog, and the author cites this blog as further inspiration for the project.

When Bob proposed, he used 9 identical vases from Michael's to hold bouquet after bouquet of flowers. (Read the whole proposal story here)
Now they are hanging out above our kitchen cabinets collecting dust. Literally - it is very dusty up there!
I decided to experiment on a couple of them and see if these could be utilized as aisle runners during the ceremony. Holding flameless votives of course - I am an extremely nervous person when it comes to lit candles so I think it is going to be all flameless for this wedding.

After creating a rubber band design on the vase I almost thought about spray painting the rubber bands instead as it looked kind of cool.
The IKEA boxes my Expedit shelves came in made an excellent shield for the spray painting. I did the spray painting inside with the windows open as opposed to trudging down to the garage which may or may not have been a good idea. . .feel free to judge.
A couple coats of spray paint later and I learned a few things: I was a little too heavy on the spray paint, the thinner rubber bands let the paint seep down and I am not very even in my spray painting skills!

The second vase went a bit smoother - I used the thicker rubber bands and quick light coats of spray paint. I still think I have some work to do on my form, but overall happy with the result.
At some point I'll knock the other vases out and possibly have another wedding project crossed off the list!
I have yet to put a candle inside, fake or real, to see how far the light extends. If it is underwhelming, I may take a cue from the inspiration photos and make stripes that run all the way to the top.

So there is the next installment of Monthly Pinterest Projects! I have a feeling November's might center around some Thanksgiving place settings in anticipation of hosting my family. . .


  1. I saw that idea on Pinterest and thought they were so cute, too. I love the idea of using them as aisle runners! And, thanks for stopping by our blog!

  2. Cute! I saw these too, and wanted to give them a try, and I love the idea of using them in your weddding!