Monday, November 28, 2011

Setting the Scene

The Thanksgiving leftovers are barely cold and we're already dismantling the fall decor to make room for Christmas! Our extra desk was moved to make room for the Christmas Tree, so we created some extra space in the library for the time being to set up a display for the holidays. I'm also looking ahead at this table being utilized for our upcoming housewarming party!
Bob and I have been playing around with a plain white frame up on the wall. Against the brick, the picture-less frame looks pretty modern and fun. I turned it sideways and hung glittery snowflakes at different lengths to set a background. My three-years-running imagery of sheepskin rug, silver deer and two feather trees makes an appearance along with several vases and a hurricane holding blue and silver hued balls. 
A silver snowman and snowflake candle fill up one side. The candle is actually on a silver candy plate I filled with small decorative ornaments. And the story behind the snowman? Each year our book club does an ornament exchange. Last year, I was not the recipient of the adorable Pottery Barn snowman ornament and planned a quick shopping trip in my jealousy. By the end of the week I had my own little man. This year's ornament exchange is happening tomorrow night - what else will my eyes be tempted by??
I picked up the "Seasons Greetings" decoration during a random thrift store stop for $2.50. I normally wouldn't buy something just because it was on sale, but I am lacking in "phrase" decor" for the holiday and thought it finished off the display.
On one hand, I want to create a new scene each year, but on the other I don't want that to mean I buy all new things with each year! One or two new decor items a year - that's what I get. Although. . .if one of those things only cost $2.50, maybe that means I have a little more leeway? 
Okay, now I hit my quota - I'm a little bit in love with this bird I picked up at Gethsemane Garden Center and Gift Shop when we were tree shopping this weekend!
Here's a reminder of the slight differences featured on my display table from the past couple years. 
2010. PS. those cheap-o mirrors from TJ Maxx ripped paint off of our walls. Yikes. We hid the mess by putting up a painting and then touching up the paint before moving out!
A bit above the table you'll see three ornaments hanging by decorative ribbon. I took the ornament cluster idea from a few Pinterest shots.
Alongside the table, you'll see our card holder stuffed to the gills with Christmas Cards. No, I haven't already received my share of greetings, I am just one of those people who saves the best looking cards and my friends and family do not disappoint with some gorgeous ones year after year! As we do get new ones in this season I'll just plan on switching out some of the old ones to freshen it up. That reminds me that I need to get a move on my cards for the year. . .
Stay tuned this week for more photos of how our fireplace mantle turned out and a few shots of our lovely, albeit pricey, tree! Here's a sneak peek - we're in the process of procuring a few more lights - I swear I had another strand of 100 but seemed to come up short this year. We followed last year's tradition and hung the lights vertically. Let's just say I had to re-do it at least three times because I kept starting with the wrong end. . .
What about you? Is the tree up? Did you take advantage of Cyber Monday? I abstained from any shopping today, but am quickly realizing how little time there actually is to cross all those presents off the list!

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