Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Get Carded

As briefly mentioned in the gift wrapping post, the theme for this year's cards was snowflakes.

My original idea was to cut out half a snowflake on the front of a card and have the words or images seen through the holes. After trying one or two out, I decided to forgo this method and try something a little different. It didn't help that I had traced the template in pen so the other side of the card had pen marks all over it. Smart, Lydia.
Taking two snowflake templates found through google search, I traced on holiday scrapbook papers and used an exacto knife to cut out the middle. I quickly realized that perfection was not needed and the process actually went pretty fast! It wouldn't be a post without a reality shot of the mess I make when crafting. The joys of a second bedroom mean you can leave the mess until the next day when you feel like cleaning up :-) The cutting mat we found 50% off at Blick this summer came in handy when it came to slicing and dicing out the snowflake middles. Excited to put this on a project table instead of crouching down on the floor!
Once I had a good number of snowflakes, I started arranging and seeing how they would work on the cards. For a select few the template itself became a reverse stencil and using a blue ink pad I made an icy front cover. The key is to leave the card alone as long as possible to avoid smudging - something I have yet to master when it comes to stampin' it up.
After some more google searching, I came upon a few "snowflake" or "winter" related quotes to throw on the front of the cards. The blue cards featured the phrase, "Silver dreams under a blue winter sky." Here are a couple more:

December come to me
I hope I can see
You not just in dreams
- Norah Jones

Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity;
so that not a snowflake escapes
its fashioning hand.
- Henry David Thoreau

Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories
gather and dance - each beautiful, unique and too soon gone.
- Deborah Whipp
I used glue dots (one of my favorite tools in the arsenal) for the snowflakes, but 3D foam stickers for the phrases. After seeing how a few of them looked after going through the mail system, I think I would have been better off using glue dots all around as they get a little bent and squished. Instead of printing the quotes on regular printer paper, I used some old resume paper I still have kicking around. Happily, when I used my paper cutter to trim the text, the unclean cut left some texture on the sides (see above) which I thought added to the card.

The insides of the cards received my Season's Greetings stamp before Bob and I wished everyone a happy holiday.
And, sticking with last year's tradition, I used a "with love" stamp to put my calling card on the back.
As previously mentioned, a few extra snowflakes were used in the gift wrapping stage. I was planning on sending more cards with them but all of a sudden it was December 23 which meant the cards would arrive post holiday for sure! Next year I definitely need to start working on cards earlier!
I realized this year the number of photo cards I received greatly outweighed the number of traditional cards. While I am not complaining as I love seeing the creative things folks do to put together their card and the poses their children are instructed to make, I will admit to missing out on the gorgeous cards that are out there - especially as I save them to use for decoration or other projects in future years!

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  1. I see our card! :)

    (And then there is my family, which didn't send out any cards this year. Oops. Hopefully next year?)