Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Importance of the Vignette

My friend Kara taught me the importance of the vignette. Creating small tableaus with accessories or furniture throughout the house as opposed to trying to focus on decorating a huge room. I have been pleased to complete two in my house so far, and with an empty hallway area begging for an entryway table I can definitely see where we might fit another.

First up, against the brick wall in the library area, we have a $20 IKEA Stefan Chair I snagged about 7 years ago alongside a tall vase with some fake foliage from Michael's. Currently we have some holiday themed gold and red berry branches to give it a little spirit. Above the chair we hung Bob's original art piece, first written about here. Now hanging from brick has been an interesting endeavor. I'll detail the how-to in an upcoming post!
Next up is the vignette in our bedroom. Now I'm not saying a chair is a requirement in every vignette, but they can help, can't they? We have our $99 IKEA Mongstad Mirror leaning against the Poppy Glow closet wall. One of the chairs we found at an estate sale awhile back (the other is used as a desk chair) sits next to my newest purchase: a Sunset Orange Garden Stool.
What do you think about a stack of coffee table books on the chair? It seems like this vignette is missing a little something. . . I will take any and all suggestions! We have been thinking a out spray painting the chair a deep purple to play with our warm Moroccan feel to the bedroom. Not to mention it would be nice to hide some of the scratches our little chair has endured in the past two moves.

I have been seeing these Porcelain Garden Stools for about a year or more in almost every home store and design mag. Before I knew what they were called, my google searches consisted of "oval stool" or "ceramic end table" which didn't always get me very far. Finally I stumbled onto some images of a Porcelain Garden Stool and had my answer! Now, I have seen these run much more expensive, so color me surprised when I snagged one for $110 (and free shipping) from
For further inspiration, I look to Pinterest (where else?)
Hello entryways. Nice to meet you. (from this blog)
And this fireplace sitting area option with chaise, suitcases, lamp and flowers could definitely be at home in my home.
What vignettes can you find in your house? Maybe a holiday display vignette or a rarely used spot in the hallway you've jazzed up - bringing a little more to your decor?


  1. Yes! LOVE them! I just read yesterday some famous design person talking about the charm of a lone chair. I would actually add a stack of magazines or paperbacks to the garden stool. A little less formal but still interesting. Do both and see what you like! :)

    Also, your entryway pin is amazing.

    Our house is DONE, so I'm itching to set up some vignettes. I'll keep you posted!