Sunday, December 25, 2011

That's a Wrap

As this Christmas Day comes to a close, I hope you had a lovely time with friends and family - and if you are like me the family time doesn't end today. We spent the weekend with Bob's family and will head out to my sister's house tomorrow for some quality Goessel time.

I had much of last week off of work, though relaxing might not be the word - it was a present wrapping extravaganza - well, lets be honest, it was also a last minute present buying extravaganza. Most was done, but there was always room for a little more.

I decided to forgo the brightly colored holiday papers and pick up a big roll of brown kraft paper from Staples. The good news is that I still have plenty left and with the right amount of decoration this paper can be used for just about any occasion! I think I found my new stand by.
If you are wondering why I am eager to turn the second bedroom into a project room, just check out this mess. How does my craft stuff explode all over the entire living room? Its amazing.
Using some tags from a scrapbook paper pack and random ribbon left around the house, I got to work. After running out of ideas to attach the tags to the gifts so you could still read the back (to see who the gift is for and from), I broke out the stamp pad ink and alphabet stamps. I only ended up messing up once in a major way - and we are none the wiser once I taped a tag over the mistake. . . .
I jazzed them up with some leftover snowflakes from my Christmas Cards. And I am now realizing I have written these posts out of order. Consider this a sneak peek into what I did for Christmas cards this year and check back the next couple days to hear about them (and if you were a recipient of one I hope they were enjoyed!) 

When I said I used ribbon from around the house I wasn't kidding. I ended up using garden twine and kitchen string for the most part. Equal parts resourceful and cheap - or maybe more cheap than resourceful? You be the judge.
Mr. Sonny likes to think he's a gift. Per usual he and his brother spent the gift wrapping hours attacking the paper and stealing my alphabet stamps. I fear the day I am unable to find the letter "l" or "f" and need to think carefully about the words I use in my next card to avoid the missing ones!
Excited to give and get tomorrow with the fam. We had a nice holiday with Bob's family already. Bob framed three photos he took on our Egypt/Italy trip last spring for his mom, aunt and grandmother. Using the same kraft paper and gold and burgandy ribbons they were all ready to be unwrapped and enjoyed!
Here's the shot Bob captured of the Muhammad Ali Mosque in Cairo. The frame and matting was bought at Michaels. What an eye this guy has for framing.
I hope you have tomorrow off of work to continue your holiday!

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