Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tree Time

When you have 17-foot ceilings, the size of your Christmas Tree is not a huge concern. However, when you are buying said tree in downtown Chicago as opposed to northwoods Wisconsin where they are a dime a dozen, suddenly size matters!

We headed out on a rainy post-Thanksgiving weekend to Gethsemane in Andersonville, the same place we found a tree two holidays ago. The one nice thing about looking for trees in this environment is that they are all pretty well groomed already. Trudging through the tree farms of the "cut your own" variety, every misshapen, non-perfect tree is looked at before you find those perfect specimens. We set our sights on this 9 foot beauty and they trimmed the bottom and trunk for us before twining it to the roof of our car.

Bob and I came up with a business idea on the car ride home. We buy our own twining machine and stand outside tree lots. A cute child repeats our tagline, "We'll twine your twee for a twenty!" Who would pay $20 just to get it twined up? I would hope no one, but it works with the other words so there you go. . .

The tree stand was dug out of the storage area and set up against our brick wall. Originally, we were going to put the tree against the window in the library area, but this way we can always see it while sitting on the couch!
The twine was snipped and we let the branches settle a bit before tackling it with lights. As mentioned in a previous post, we still need to buy another set of lights. I realized the other day that our middle set is out! D'oh!

Bob uses a step stool to snip off the top in order to fit our tree topper. This is the first year in a long time the topper is not angled awkwardly and actually looks right!
I keep seeing "how to take perfect tree photos" links on Pinterest and will need to check them out. For now, a couple shots of some up close ornaments. Many of these are from Bob and my individual childhoods, but I have been amassing quite the collection over the last five or six years between book club ornament exchange, gifts and my own shopping excursions! Freshman year of college I decided I liked star ornaments and now have at least 30 covering the tree - maybe when we are a two-tree household we'll have one dedicated to all of the stars!
Although it seems you should only be able to decorate a tree with Christmas music in the background, I think I decorated to the sounds of NFL Sunday. . .ahh well, Bob did let me hijack the system for a couple hours to listen to the new Michael Buble CD and my Diana Krall Christmas CD. Jazzy, indeed.

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